Girls Cross Country Runs Toward Success


RCHS girls’ cross country members run in a meet.

Cierra Bolster, Reporter

This year’s cross country season officially started early in the school year with their first event on Aug. 21. The girls’ cross country team has a total of 12 girls this year. Daily practices started in the summer, where the girls got to know each other. The team’s co-captain, Senior Aili Waller, explained the bond made through the early morning practices. 

“Getting up at 5:00 a.m. every Friday and spending it with the team is quite a bonding experience,” said Waller.

The team’s growth and improvement from the summer to now is well noted by the other co-captain, Senior Liesel Nelson.

“I’ve been working with them all summer, so it’s been really awesome to get to see them grow especially because they’re really fast,” said Nelson. “All the freshmen have become really good, so seeing them start out not too hot and then them ending up beating me in races makes me really proud.”

Freshman Sophia Fafatas recognized her improvement as well.

“There are all these really good senior role models to look up to, and they’re really inclusive so it feels really nice to be apart of the team,” said Fafatas. “There’s been a great improvement in scores, and I feel like I’ve improved.”

There are three meets left in the season. One is on Oct. 19, the day of the RCHS Homecoming dance.

“I’m looking forward to our meet on Homecoming, which is against the Wolves,” said Nelson. “It’s just a really fun event with music, and it’s really cool.”

Senior Night at RCHS is a specific game or match that honors the seniors because they are leaving. For cross country, Senior Night is on Nov. 8. Freshman Elizabeth McClung shares her thoughts on the RCHS cross country Senior Night.

“I’m really looking forward to Senior Night which is at the end of the season,” said McClung.

The team has already placed a few times this season. They plan on going to regions and possibly states. 

“I really want to see how we do in districts and regions,” said Nelson. “It would be really cool to go to states.” 

Being on a sports team can be a learning experience. Freshman Ellie Mastin shares her experience on the team. 

“Cross country has taught me so much about hard work and good sportsmanship,” said Mastin. “I’m so glad that our school has a wonderful team like this that I can be apart of.”