The Studio’s Latest Show


Eleanor Dare, Sports Editor

“At the Movies” is the latest show put on by The Studio. This show will feature dances from Top Gun to Mamma Mia. Just like the fall performance, this show will be shown at Hulls Drive-In. The show will be shown on Thursday, May 13 and Sunday, May 16. Tickets can be purchased at The Studio for 35 dollars per car. 

Sophomore Anna Cunningham is a senior company member This year, Anna is in three dances. 

“I am in Downton Abbey, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and Moulin Rouge,” said Cunningham.

This year has had a lot of hardships but the world has slowly been getting back to a normal routine with sports picking up a somewhat normal routine. The Studio has been doing their best to give a normal dance environment. 

“It was definitely weirder this year because we were being filmed instead of performing live,” said Cunningham. “In order to fit everyone in the “movie” we had to respace a lot of the dances which could be time consuming.” 

The “movie” will have a wide range of ages performing different movie dances. 

Anna Wilson is a sophomore in highschool and is a first year junior company member but has been dancing for a very long time. 

“I was so excited to be in the dances this year. Top Gun was my favorite  The outfit, the music, I loved it so much.” 

Wilson was part of the quarantine dance group. It is made of three girls who need a little extra caution against covid and only dance with each other. 

“Ella Kate and Molly are the best girls. We had a lot of fun together.” 

This year, the dances will have to be up on the big screen. This time next year, they possibly might be seen up on stage once again.