RCHS Girls’ Lacrosse Starts Up


The RCHS Girls’ Lacrosse team plays a game.

Grace Frascati, Head Managing Editor

This year, RCHS sports have had to adapt to the ever-changing environment that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. They have had to adapt to social-distancing guidelines, wear masks, and have limitations on their practices. The RCHS Girls Lacrosse is one of the teams that has been affected by these guidelines and restrictions. Back near the end of March and early April, the season started up. However, the team previously held preseason practices that started near the end of February and early March. The season will go up until the team is defeated (or not defeated) in the championship rounds. Thus, the season could go on until June 27. Although the format of the sports team may be different, some of the hopes are relatively the same. Senior Maelyn Eversole, who has committed to play lacrosse at Christopher Newport University (CNU), serves as one of the captains for the RCHS Girls Lacrosse Team. 

“I like to believe the captains on our team mainly lead by example,” said Eversole. “Bossy older kids can be a pain. Other than sometimes correcting form and minor errors of fellow teammates (which we encourage everyone to do), we just try to keep the team dynamic, strong, and positive.”

As previously mentioned, the team must follow certain restrictions and guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“COVID-19 restrictions have given us a later start, and the weather is much hotter,” said Eversole. “These shifts can make things like conditioning even more important. Although COVID-19 has been unfortunate, my team has taken the opportunity to push each other even harder, and we are right on schedule with where we should be.”

Junior Susanne Mayock-Bradley is a member of the team this year, and she is hopeful for the success of the team.

“Our main goal for this season is to get both a regional and state title,” said Mayock-Bradley. “This year, I play attack, so I hope that I may be able to contribute to the team by scoring goals, assisting, and moving the ball down the field. My personal main focus this season is to master my non-dominant hand, but as a team, I think we want to focus on transitions, as these help us move the ball from one end of the field to the other.”

As a varsity player, Mayock-Bradley assists in teaching and leading the younger, junior varsity (JV) players who will eventually make it to the varsity level.

“I hope that I am able to set an example for the younger players both on varsity and on junior varsity,” said Mayock-Bradley. “I hope that we all just have a lot of fun since we did not get to play last year.”

Similarly, Eversole has high hopes for her team, the season, and the upcoming competitions. 

“This team is the best team that I believe the RCHS girls lacrosse has had in years,” said Eversole. “I have high hopes and goals for our season. As a senior, I plan to make it our best year yet.”