Cinderella Project Reaches Student Body Through Affordable Formal Attire


Cinderella Project leaders Lee Carter and Madison Poulsen check on the inventory of their donations. Photo taken by Nala Shearer.

Nala Shearer, Reporter

The stress of finding affordable formal dance attire has always been a problem for high school students. A small group of students at Rockbridge have set themselves the goal of solving this issue within the community by creating the Cinderella Project. 

The Cinderella Project operates through a Google Form-based system. Students hoping to find formal attire enter their size and the style of clothing they are looking for into the form. In the form, they also add a time that works for the individual to set up an appointment to come look at their choices. 

A main goal of this program is affordability for students. Any outfit that is borrowed is free of charge in order to reduce stress on students who are already scrambling to find something they love. 

Junior Madison Poulsen, a leader of the program, has been involved since her sophomore year. 

“Some people might think it’s just for people who can’t afford their own attire, but anyone can take advantage of the program,” said Poulsen.

As many students know, many problems can arise at the last minute with formal dances apart from financial problems. Ordering clothes online can come in the wrong size, with rips or discoloration, or simply not be what a student wanted. After waiting for the clothes to come in, it is always frustrating when they are not how they looked in the pictures, and in some cases there is not enough time to order again. 

This is where the Cinderella Project comes in. Last year, they helped ten students to find attire at the last minute for prom and they do not plan on stopping. 

The Cinderella Project leaders are planning to expand by creating another branch called the Prince Charming Program. 

Junior Lee Carter, another project leader, gave insight to some upcoming expansions of the program.

“Since the Cinderella Project is mainly focused on feminine attire, the Prince Charming Program will be focused on masculine formal attire,” said Carter.

Students are encouraged to reach out whenever they please, whether they are interested in borrowing or donating attire. 

The Rockbridge Clothes Closest, who backs the Cinderella Project, has an Instagram page where they advertise their inventory. The username is @rchs_clothescloset and they post their outfits on real models to make sure that anyone interested knows what they are getting into. 

Interested students can reach out and contact the program leaders to set up an appointment and see the outfits in person via direct message on instagram or one of the many QR codes posted around the school and on their social media. 

The Cinderella Project is a growing organization, and in order to keep growing and providing nice, affordable clothing for students who need it, they need donations of formal attire and encourage all students to donate. All students have to do is message the project leaders on Instagram and drop their donations off!