The Juniors And Seniors Stay Trippin’

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The Juniors And Seniors Stay Trippin’

Seniors walking along the reflection pool.

Seniors walking along the reflection pool.

Seniors walking along the reflection pool.

Seniors walking along the reflection pool.

Nakole Allen, Reporter

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The juniors and seniors went on field trips for their History classes on Oct. 4. The juniors went to Jamestown, Va. and Yorktown, Va. with History teacher Lauren Williamson, along with some other teachers that chaperoned. Going on these field trips is nothing new to Williamson.

We have been doing this trip for about three years, though there have been variations. We used to go to Williamsburg since the 12 years I’ve been here. In addition, this year we are choosing to go to the Archaeological dig site rather than the recreated Jamestown,” said Williamson. 

Williamson also explained the reasons behind taking the juniors on this trip.

“We take students on the trip to give them a more immersive and interactive historical experience,” said Williamson. “The students can see artifacts and recreated sites of historical periods we have studied. This provides them with a more enriching educational experience than what we are able to do in the classroom.”

Not only did the juniors get to experience their favorite parts of Jamestown and Yorktown, but so did Williamson. 

My favorite part of the trip is the movie that is shown at the American Revolution Museum,” said Williamson. “It is on a 180-degree screen that envelopes you as you watch the Battle of Yorktown play out in front of you. Seats rumble and mist comes up from the floor, which makes it super engaging.”  

On the same day, the seniors traveled to Washington D.C. with History teacher Chris Gallagher, along with some teachers that chaperoned. 

“This will be my 7th time helping to organize and chaperone the Government trip to Washington D.C,” said Gallagher. 

He also explained the educational purpose of the seniors going on the trip to Washington D.C.

“The History Department believes that it is important for students to gain meaningful experiences outside of the classroom,” said Gallagher. “We are lucky that relevant locations of historical and governmental interest are so close to our school district.” 

The seniors will not be the only ones experiencing this. Gallagher got to explore the Capitol building as well.

“My favorite part of the trip is when we visit the Capitol Building in Washington D.C,” said Gallagher.  “It is awe-inspiring to be in the building where so many historic moments happened in our country’s history.”  

Junior Kaylee Glass went on the Jamestown trip and shared her experience.

“The Jamestown trip went very well in my opinion,” said Glass. “It was a fun day hanging out with friends and getting to learn more about history at the location where it happened.” 

The students also had the opportunity to have free time.

“My favorite part of the trip was eating and shopping at Short Pump with all of my friends,” said Glass.

Senior Margaret Branner went on the Washington D.C. trip and got to explore some of her favorite parts of the district.

“I think the trip went really well. I loved being with my friends and being able to see all the Botanical Gardens and the Natural Art Museum,” said Branner.