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Marketing Class: Mrs. Balkey Instructs Students For A Better Career

Jennifer Balkey
Marketing class learns in media center.

In our Wall Street, at Rockbridge County High School(RCHS), we have our wolf, Mrs. Jennifer Balkey. She has been a longtime teacher here with a role of heading the Future Business Leaders of America club(FBLA) and has taught economics and marketing. Marketing is one of her pivotal classes that instructs students in a manner to prepare them for the real world and to thrive in an entrepreneurial way. 

Her classes get to work with virtual stock market games, fundraising concessions, and interactive projects such as road trips and superbowl budgeting. For her entire career at RCHS, she has strived to make the education system well-rounded for students to prosper in growth. 

Despite the shortcomes such as scheduling meetings or gaining attention that is to be expected, Balkey has managed to put her students first no matter what. In her marketing class, students pick up a job to attain several credits for their diploma. Meanwhile, they further their knowledge in commercial business.

Graduate Garrett Claytor had the opportunity to be involved in the overflowing class from last year.

“Mrs. Balkey’s Marketing DE class last year was fun and interesting. Project-based learning was a big part of the class… We did many projects including a “Commercial Project” where we had to promote a product portrayed through a commercial you would see on TV. Mrs. Balkey did a great job teaching us lessons we would use throughout life. For example, utilizing customer reviews, being aware of good quality products, and avoiding sketchy services. As I said before, the class was not highly demanding, which made the 2-3 credit GPA boost very rewarding,” said Claytor.

Junior Ayden Watts shares his experience in the smaller class of this year. 

Marketing Class is going well. We talk about proper ways to run and keep up a business. We also learn how to be proper and efficient employees. I work at the Natural Bridge Hotel as a dishwasher in the kitchen…Mrs. Balkey keeps the class entertaining and the work very simple. Marketing has helped me understand the laws I have as an employee and how to properly treat my employees and promote the hotel,” said Watts. 

Mrs. Balkey has put her soul into shaping these young students to be knowledgable in a world thats a pit of vipers. Claytor and Watts are already reaping the education sown by her hands. 

Marketing class provides the information one needs to advance their careers and provides credit simultaneously. If a student works a job, has a passion for growth, and wants to better their chances of succeeding, marketing class is an option to achieve all three with interactive learning. 

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