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Parasocial Social Club

Thumbnail from Youtuber Ludwig’s page titled “I am Not Your Friend”

Recently, I’ve begun to notice people seemingly have such deep connections to influencers and celebrities. Sometimes it’s even scary how in their lives they seem, even thinking they’re a part of it. 

Although not everyone is so far to the extreme, people seem to have started caring too much about these famous figures’ lives. Resulting in streamers like Jinnytty being followed for miles while walking even though she was actively live streaming. More cases like this are becoming worryingly common. If you search up, “youtubers who have been stalked,” or, “streamers who have been stalked,” hundreds of videos of these different content creators sharing their terrifying experiences will immediately pop up. 

I think people have become overly parasocial. In light of enhanced social media and … culture, people tend to develop a relationship with a celebrity or fictional character whom they had never met in real life. Youtuber Ludwig once posted a video where he stated “I am not your friend” and went in depth on how he creates these videos for his fans and he appreciates where this career has got him; however, they are only fans…not his friends. 

It’s okay to have these social figures who you like and even get away from things by watching and following along their journeys. But, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to dig into their personal lives and allow yourself to be more focused on their lives than your own. I understand it’s so easy nowadays to get into others’ business and comment on their lives but it’s important to step back and remember it’s their lives not your own. Being a member of the parasocial social club is not a goal to strive for! (but funny nonetheless)

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Ireland Bateman
Ireland Bateman, Reporter
Ireland Bateman is a first year journalism student who is in 12th grade. She chose this class to grow her interpersonal skills and become a better writer. Although she doesn’t participate much in sports, she enjoys the gym and extracurricular clubs after school like FBLA and FCCLA. On the other hand, in her personal time she loves goofing around way too late with her friends and doing things like going to Waffle House at 2 in the morning. Besides that, she also likes painting and her job at the movie theater in Lexington. Once school is over she’s very excited to finally graduate and hopefully get to explore many new places and things.  

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