Natasha Gengler Joins Math Department

Photo credits, Natasha Gengler.

Photo credits, Natasha Gengler.

Micah Mayr, Reporter

Every year students are introduced to new people from classmates to class instructors. This year, students have been introduced to a new addition to the math department, Ms. Natasha Gengler. 

Prior to living in Lexington, Virginia, Gengler resided in Wilmington, Delaware. Gengler is a Washington and Lee University graduate with a degree in Mathematics. 

This is my first job out of college, but I tutored extensively during my college years,” said Gengler. 

As a teacher at RCHS, she strives to see her students understand concepts and to have a great sense of satisfaction when she sees her students doing well.

“I find it really rewarding when I see a concept click in a student’s head My favorite sound is a quiet “ohhhhhh,” as someone figures out a problem,” said Gengler. “Seeing my classes gain a true understanding of a hard concept really lights up my day.”

Gengler also voices her hope that her students will learn that stepping up to a challenge will always reward them. 

“I hope that my students feel a sense of accomplishment after they figure out difficult problems and that this feeling will inspire them to know that they can achieve anything they set their minds to with hard work,” said Gengler. 

Gengler is proud to see a student grow in a subject, as a person, and grow their knowledge of the world and of themselves. 

“I can see them shaping into responsible young adults, and it makes me so proud of them,” said Gengler.

Gengler is another great teacher that will be a part of the history of the high school and a part of many students’ lives leaving a lasting impact and a role model to many.