New Season of Cobra Kai Does Not Hit the Mark

Season five Cobra Kai Poster.

Season five Cobra Kai Poster.

Hallie Darmante, Reporter

Since May 2, 2018, we have all been hooked on the Netflix spinoff show, Cobra Kai. This action-packed tv show has provided its viewers with hours of suspense, entertainment, and some high kicks. 

Cobra Kai, based on the popular ‘80s movie “Karate Kid”, follows the life of Johnny Lawrence, a middle-aged man trying to find purpose in teaching the youth how to strike first, strike hard, and with no mercy. While pursuing this mission he ends up reuniting with his highschool enemy, eventually becoming friends and joining their dojos to create one karate style that incorporates both of their morals, as well as meeting Miguel Diaz, a young boy who becomes his friend and protege who teaches him the importance of friendship and loyalty. 

While most seasons of Cobra Kai have been smashing hits, season five paled in comparison to the other episodes. Unlike previous seasons, we are suddenly overwhelmed by the return of old characters such as John Kreese and Terry Silver. These characters are the main conflict of this season and continuously distract from the actual plot of the show, which is Johnny Lawrence and his journey to “self discovery”. To further specify, I feel as though the return of these characters was a lazy way for the screenwriters to continue this show. Personally, I thought it was a bad attempt and only succeeded with me scratching my head and leaving me asking why the plot was so dragged out. 

However, despite the lack of a fluid plot line and the confusion of various antagonists, this show continues to be well-written and this is what captivates the audiences so much. Junior Faith Walker shares her opinion on the new season. 


“I think season five of Cobra Kai could’ve been a lot better. It honestly was just pretty bland and hard to follow.”

While I am disappointed with season five of Cobra Kai, it was generally well received by the masses according to Netflix ratings online as well as word of mouth. I hope they can continue this show without the use of old materials and can incorporate a more appealing plot line.