That 90’s Show Underwhelms Viewers


Emma Bates

Student watching clips of “That 90s Show”

Emma Bates, Reporter

“That 70s Show” premiered Aug. 23,1998. It is a comedy show revolving around this group of teenage friends as they navigate through life and get older.  On Jan. 19,2023 “That 90s Show” premiered. This was a reboot of the very popular sitcom. The show has been a big hit with the generation that grew up with the show because it brings back many nostalgic memories. The reboot came back with many of the same characters older and most have children of their own now. The Netflix reboot isn’t really based around the main characters that were in “That 70s show”; it is mostly based around the kids of the main characters in the original show. 

The characters have similar personalities as the main characters in “That 70s show” yet they have some of their own personality which makes the show new and entertaining but also fun because it brings back memories of the old show.

The first episode of the show was watched by 1.7 million households. There are many likable personalities and a variety of comedic styles in the show that sometimes make it feel like a stand up comedy show. 

The show has given most people a big feeling of disappointment. Eric and Donna, the two main characters of “That 70s Show” have a child together which ends up being the main character of “That 90s Show” and her name is Leia.

Leia is on her way to her summer camp but they make a stop at her grandparents house who are the parents of Eric.When she goes to see them in Wisconsin she meets a group of teens that she finally feels like she fits in with. She asks to stay there the whole summer instead of going home.

They end up hanging out in the basement taking on the roles of being the new Eric and Donna. Red and Kitty, Eric’s parents, end up reliving the life they had with Eric and dealing with the interesting kids that hangout in their basement constantly. 

The show involves a good amount of the old characters with the new which is why the show has gained interest.

Most have said the spin off is mediocre compared to the real show just like most spin offs are. Rotten Tomatoes top critics rated the show at 69% while the average audience percent was 73%.

Most reviews have stated they are most disappointed with the show because they say the actors don’t necessarily know how to play the roles or act like they are kids in the 90s. It was stated according to Rotten Tomatoes the actors were doing something called theater acting instead of a more laid back comic like “That 70s Show”. 

In less than two weeks “That 90s Show” has already been announced for a season 2 partnering with Netflix.