Wildcat Soccer Stay Active in the Fall


Eliot McDonald

Players Bryce Bell and Jorge Martinez celebrate the scoring of a goal in their first game.

Eliot McDonald, reporter

This fall, a handful of RCHS soccer players are keeping their skills sharp by participating in a recreational league. A rec league, in this case, is a league of players that play each other a couple times a season just for fun. The team plays other rec teams from our local area such as Staunton, Waynesboro, and Roanoke. Lastly, this league is not affiliated with RCHS, but is run via Augusta United, and coached by Wildcats Boys Soccer  coach Paul Gregory. 

As previously stated, many of the players on the team also play for the RCHS teams in the spring.  

“The first purpose of the team is to have fun and keep the RCHS players playing in the fall,” said Gregory. In the rec league, there is no winner or loser, as it is very nonchalant and your team has to keep track of its own points. 

With that said, this season is still highly beneficial to both players and coaches. 

“The low stakes season allows JV-level players to play with the Varsity-level players, [and it] allows us to introduce the 8th graders to competitive soccer, and helps the team as a whole learn to play our system,” said Gregory

The rec team is expecting another great year this year considering that last year Coach Gregory led the team to an undefeated season, blowing out almost every opponent. Players are optimistic about the chances of having great success this season.

“The past few weeks of practice have gone very well.The team is looking strong going into our first game,” said Sophomore Bryce Bell. 

The first game, in fact, did go well. The team, affectionately known as “Green Grass” by its players, won their first game with a healthy margin. They won 5-2 against the Stuart Hall rec team.