Students are Hit with the 4th 9 Weeks Stress


Grace fleshma

4th 9 Weeks stress kicks in.

Grace Fleshman, Reporter

As the school year comes to a close, students begin to feel exhausted. The loads of work start to get old and studying feels worse than it did at the beginning of the year. The mental strain that has built up as the year goes on begins to take a toll on students. 

Sophomore Sierra Bowles explains why it is hard to get work done towards the end. 

I’m very tired by the end of the school year. Since I’m so exhausted, it’s hard to want to do school and get stuff done,” said Bowles.

Endless days of students worrying about their grades and exams make the final weeks overwhelming. Grades may be low or they may not reach the goal students aimed for at the beginning of the year. 

In order to raise them, students must work harder and stay up later to do well on the last few tests and quizzes. 

Senior Carolina Dickovick sums up all the reasons why the end of the year is harder than the beginning.

“Exams, deadlines, burnout, and more,” said Dickovick.

Feeling burnt out, plus trying to remember units from the beginning of the year can be straining. 

Usually, there is not much time for teachers to review past units, so this creates problems when students have to study for exams and SOLs. 

Breaks can be very important for students. They can allow for the brain to rest and give students the opportunity to travel and participate in fun activities.

With not many breaks in the year and a lack of precious snow days, students anticipate a long break during the 4th 9 Weeks. 

Senior Ashley Tyree shares how she feels towards the end. 

Everyone is burnt out and is just ready for spring break and summer break,” said Tyree. 

This quote accurately describes the minds of most students. The last quarter of the year is overall the worst for students because of tiredness, stress, deadlines, and even anticipation for a break.