Lime Kiln Theater Wraps Up A Popular Summer Concert Lineup


Fans attending Lime Kiln Theater’s Shakey Graves concert visit the food area during a break.

Nala Shearer, Reporter

Once a lime and quarry kiln, Lexington has filled the outdoor theater, the Lime Kiln, every summer weekend bringing in artists and musicians from all over. From small-scale folk musicians to mainstream artists stopping along tour, the theater packed its schedule over the 2022 summer. 

Their schedule brought in music enthusiasts from all over. This influx of people has boosted the local economy of Lexington in many different ways. One of these ways was letting local businesses set up food trucks outside the theater for added business and to enhance the environment. They were also positioned so that guests did not have to leave the premises and could get any refreshment they wanted within walking distance.

However, Lime Kiln has not only been enjoyed by people passing through Lexington. The outdoor theater was filled by residents and outsiders alike. 

Over the summer, teachers and students from Rockbridge County High School frequently attended to experience the concerts. 

Junior Sophie Vaught attended the Shakey Graves concert in June. 

“I would definitely recommend it,” said Vaught, “There were a lot of different artists, bands, and different styles of music playing this concert season, so there is always something for everyone!” 

Another popular aspect of the theater was the close-knit feel of their concerts. Senior Anna Wilson, who worked in parking at the local theater, enjoyed her time volunteering as well as her time attending the shows. 

“It’s such an intimate environment and you feel so close and connected to the performers,” said Wilson. 

Bruce Hornsby, The Wood Brothers, Charlie Crockett, and Love Cannon were only some of the shows fans came to see this summer. All three of these, and more, were attended by Mr. Scott Youngdahl, one of RCHS’s spanish teachers.

“For me music is a kind of magic — it is better to experience it with people close to you and it lasts,” said Youngdahl.

All summer, Lime Kiln was a beloved spot for residents and visitors alike to come and enjoy the music, food, and ambiance. They have a few more concerts this fall, but other than that, fans will have to wait until next summer for their next array of performances. Their website is an easy access to the concert schedule for fans interested in attending.