Dress Trends Coming Soon to a Prom Near You


Drawn by Taina Covington

Dress models showcase their favorite trends.

Nala Shearer, Reporter

Students often consider springtime to be a fun part of the year. However, there is one infamously stressful portion: shopping for prom. 

Shopping for prom attire is a game of luck. You may find “the one” at the first store, or it may take you weeks to find an outfit that you truly love. Another struggle is finding an outfit that goes along with the always-changing trends, but also does not match exactly to what everyone else is going to be wearing. 

For the upcoming 2023 prom season, there have been some noticeable trends appearing that dress stores and online shops are stocking up with. 

The first trend is the tiered dress. These dresses have an elegant and classic look to them. They seem to be tributes to the Victorian Era with their ruffles, form-fitting tops, and wider bottoms. 

Senior Lily Youngman has purchased a tiered dress for her upcoming senior prom. 

“I really like the volume that the style has,” said Youngman. “The tiers add a lot of shape to the skirt, and I think the silhouette that it creates is very flattering.”

Another trend that seems to be paying tribute to the Victorian Era is the corset dress top. This 1830s spinoff showcases the midsection of its wearer, making them seem to have the classically praised “hourglass shape.”

Junior Libba Erskine has already bought her prom dress, which happens to follow the corset top trend. 

“I love this newly popular dress style,” said Erskine, “the form fitting style fits my body so well, and makes it so that I do not have to get alterations.”

A third apparent style trend is the rise of neon and bright colors. Bright pink and orange dresses seem to be taking over the Pinterest boards of high schoolers recently. Being bold and wearing statement outfits in general has become a popular trend, so of course this trend has to carry over into prom season. 

Finally, feathers, flower petals, and other three-dimensional dress add-ons have been popping up all over the place when it comes to prom attire. This prom season seems to be focused on making the dress literally pop out, using mediums other than color. These tangible additions to this year’s prom dresses are going to be a hit at proms all around. 

Shopping for prom is made out to be much scarier than it should be. There is so much pressure to find the perfect dress with the perfect fit that also goes with the trends of the year. Above are some guidelines of this year’s up-and-coming dress trends that anyone can follow if they do not know where to start. However, anyone should get the dress or suit that fits their own personality and style and showcase themselves!