Young Life Rockbridge Establishes Connections Between Students


Photo taken by Addie Flint

RCHS students smile for a photo during their Campaigners’ Weekend.

Nala Shearer, Reporter

Young Life Rockbridge has become a major influence on the teenage population in Rockbridge County. It has given kids all over the county opportunities to make connections with one another through fun events and a shared set of beliefs. 

Young Life is a nationwide organization focused on connecting people through Christianity. 

Local leader Sarah Parnell has been involved in reaching teenagers through their faith in the Rockbridge County community. 

“We reach teens in many different ways,” said Parnell, “We give them a fun, safe environment to learn more about themselves and to build relationships with people who they may have never met before.”

The leaders bond with each individual within the organization. Not only do they connect directly with the members, but they connect the young adults with each other.  

Senior John Huss Clement has attended many Young Life events and has been involved in a work crew program within the organization as well. 

“It brings people with different stories all together in one place,” said Clement. “Everyone can be their own crazy selves and then come together to talk about God.”

Recently, Young Life has held two major events for Rockbride students: Campaigners’ Weekend and the annual Paint War. 

Campaigner’s Weekend was considered the more relaxed of the two. Held in Wild Ridge, West Virginia, kids were given the opportunity to go off the grid and get away for a weekend. 

Sophomore Quincy Speers attended both Campaigner’s Weekend and the Paint War. Speers has also frequently attended club meetings and other major Young Life events.

“Campaigner’s Weekend was very peaceful,” said Speers. “As well as the other Young Life events, it is a great way to start relationships with God and people you haven’t met before.”

The Paint War, held each year by the organization, has been one of the most attended Young Life events. This event has usually been a “kick off” to the Young Life fall season. 

For years, it has signaled the start of weekly club events as well as the approaching Fall Weekend event. 

Though they have a religious aspect, these events have also focused on creating a strong sense of community in Rockbridge. Getting people together and establishing strong bonds between attendees and leaders alike has been a major goal of the organization. 

Young Life Rockbridge has been active in reaching out to teens at RCHS for years, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. On Monday evenings, they hold club at Salerno’s in downtown Lexington, and they will host Fall Weekend from October 14-16! All of their updated event information is posted regularly on their Instagram, @yl.rockbridge.