The best pizza in Lexington, RC Pizza.

My Quest for the Best Pizza in Lexington

Sean Martino, Assistant Sports Editor September 26, 2022

Throughout my seven years of living in Lexington, I have eaten plenty of pizza. Some have been great, some have been awful, and most have been somewhere in between great and awful. Today, I will be giving...

BeReal about the way social media has affected you. Photo taken by Cameron Terry.

People Being Affected By Social Media

Emily Humphreys, Reporter September 23, 2022

Social media has many effects on teens' everyday lives. It can be good at some points but brutal at others. Some people use it as a place to show others a bit of their life and give advice. However, others...

Student Mental Health is of the utmost importance

Student Mental Health Check-In: Part 2

Bee Sackett, Opinion Editor September 22, 2022

Last year, I wrote an article about the mental health of the RCHS student body. Now that we are almost entirely out of the pandemic, I felt it was necessary to talk about the ramifications of a full, somewhat...

College Football is going to be a whirlwind this year with a slew of powerhouse teams fighting for the National Championship title. 
Photo Credit:

College Football Predictions, Expectations, and Anticipations

Maxwell Pearson, Editor-in-Chief September 13, 2022

I know my favorite time of year is approaching when the leaves start to change, the air gets nippy, the apples and pumpkins fill the home, and everyone crowds around the TV to watch the greatest sporting...

The Summer I Turned Pretty TV show cover

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” Sparks Interest at RCHS

Grace Fleshman, Reporter September 12, 2022

In July, Prime Video released “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, a romantic and addicting TV show. With only one season, this TV show has managed to be on most teen minds.  Viewers at Rockbridge County...

Photo by Emily Humphreys
School lunches thrown in the trash, along with the students nutrition.

Does School Lunch Nourish Our Students?

Emily Humphreys, Reporter September 12, 2022

Do school lunches have enough nutrition to give students energy for the rest of the day? On average, about 480 students at RCHS get school lunch. So, if the lunches are not giving students enough energy,...

Album Cover

The Liberating, Gemini Rights, Album Review

Stephen Wells, Reporter September 12, 2022

Steve Lacy astonishes the world with a captivating voice and tunes as if he had Bragi’s own Golden Harp with the Song of Life in his intricate album, Gemini Rights. This lyrical mastermind grabs listeners...

Senior Evan Roney supports e-hallpass

E-Hallpass Benefits RCHS

Evan Roney, Arts and Style Editor September 12, 2022

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, Rockbridge County High School introduced a revolutionary system of online hall passes. The addition of the system caused controversy throughout the school...

A view of House Mountain during one of its spring sunrises.

A Guide to Making the Best of Lexington in the Spring

Ella Vaught, Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2022

Spring has sprung in Lexington, and the residents are once again getting outside as the town starts to look alive again. After a long winter, residents and students alike have gotten out and about, walking...

The Lexington Movie Theater in Downtown Lexington.

The Drive-In Versus Movie Theater Debate

Sarah Phelps, Reporter April 6, 2022

The issue with watching a new release, that is not on streaming services, is where to watch it. The number of drive-ins are slowly declining, but have recently grown in popularity in smaller cities and...

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