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Travis famous before Taylor? We think so.

New relationship sparks debate

Travis Kelce is widely known in the world of sports as one of the greatest tight ends of all time, along with others such as Tony Gonazales and Rob Gronkowski. His resume is riddled with awards including 8 Pro Bowl nods, 7 All Pro nominations, a member of the 2010’s all decade team, two Superbowl wins, just to name a few accolades. 

When thinking about why he may be a hot topic in the media, football fans’ first guesses could be things such as that he passed somebody’s record or he hit a new milestone in his career. On the contrary, Kelce is in the news lately, thanks to his personal life. He has recently begun a relationship  with a famous singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift. 

This merging of worlds on their part has sparked many others to find common interests between their two fanbases. The two groups are incredibly polarizing and when put into one conglomerate, it has been found that the two groups do not  exactly merge seamlessly. 

There is an ongoing argument about who put who “on the map.” In our opinion, it is incredibly clear that Kelce was not “put on the map” by any means, but rather that he was introduced to a new group of people who were previously unfamiliar with him. 

Before this relationship, Kelce was already in consideration for the Hall of Fame and possibly, the greatest tight end of all time. With this greatness obviously comes notoriety within his profession. We think that it is absolutely insulting to the career of Kelce to say somebody such as Swift (no matter how amazing she is) could even possibly be the sole reason that he is famous. 

Swift is a widely known American singer and songwriter. Kelce is a superstar tight end playing in the NFL. Having 2 completely different lifestyles, it was a surprise to the differing fanbases. With the debate rising of who made who famous, we fully believe that they were both already on the map. Since both have very large and polarizing fan bases they have begun to clash. 

Kelce is a four-time first-team All-Pro tight end considered to be one of the greatest to ever play the position. Aside from quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Kelce is the most recognizable player of the Kansas City Chiefs dynasty that has won two of three Super Bowls attended  over the past four seasons. 

This attention benefits both stars at the end of the day. Kelce gets more attention brought to the NFL and his self brand which can make him more money. On the flip side Swift gets more attention on her music career and her new media such as the new eras tour movie that recently released in theaters. 

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