Ralph Northam needs to speak at VMI

Beckett Howe, Reporter

Even though the blackface scandal of Governor Ralph Northam has smeared his career, there can be a good lesson learned from this horrible action.
Northam’s refusal to speak at VMI will make him appear weak to his constituents by declining this offer to apologize for his racist actions. Lexington was also a big part of the Civil W. By declining the offer, he will be made to seem that he does not care about his actions and the uproar they have caused.
By not speaking at VMI, Northam will not be able to prove to the people that he is willing to commit to being a better man and a governor. Including taking a stand against intolerance within a state that has a huge part in history relating to the Civil War along with resisting desegregation.
In addition, Northam would miss the opportunity, as the highest official within the state, to set and start the conversation of how to stop racism and to condemn it, as well as resisting desegregation.
This conversation could start stressing to the modern public to accept others from different races, cultures and backgrounds. If he starts this conversation now, during times of Islamophobia and tensions with Muslim minorities, he could make tolerance a political subject that is important in today’s society.
He may never be able to be forgiven for his racial actions, ones that were considered commonplace and acceptable in his early career, but he prove now that he is not that man anymore. He would be given a chance to promise to the people by speaking against these.