Turkey Versus Ham


Drawn by Taina Covington

Turkey takes on Ham in a Holiday Food Boxing Match.

Maddie Dahl , Reporter

Every family has different dynamics, traditions, and cultures. However, when it comes to the holidays, there is a common question: what food should be served?

The unanswered question is which dish is more deserving to be on your holiday table: turkey or ham?

While every person is subject to their own opinion, there are hard facts showing that turkey wins this popularity contest. We do not call Thanksgiving “Ham Day,” we call it “Turkey Day,” and there is a reason for that. Eighty-eight percent of Americans have turkey on their table on Thanksgiving, according to the National Turkey Federation. 

After the holidays, one of the most popular things to do is to slap all of the leftovers in between two pieces of bread. Even though a ham sandwich is tasty, turkey comes in first place for the most healthy because it is lower in fat and calories than most meats, according to Food Network. 

 As reported by the University of Illinois, 46 million turkeys are gobbled up on Thanksgiving, 22 million turkeys are dished up on Christmas, and 19 million turkeys are served on Easter. Altogether, that is 87 million turkeys feeding those who celebrate among the American population on these three holidays. 

Turkey has been ruled the superior Thanksgiving dish and a staple for Christmas and Easter as well. The numbers don’t lie; turkey is the #1 holiday meat, no questions asked.